Tens Machine and Blubbing

two things…

has anyone tried tens machine with regard trying to control the pain of spd?

i am still off work with the effect of being off falling down stairs. my gp has kept me on tramadol, reluctantly gave me a months worth of co codamol 30/500 which has been devoured. i was then told to try the tens seeing as i get upset about taking tablets. i have been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder so i can’t have diclofenac but have continued with the nurofen plus and now back on the solpadeine max, to help. the extra codeine in the co codamol worked, but now i’m back to where i was. i mean i was driving the other day and i got the most unbelievable pain in left hip. sometimes it’s so hard to get anyone to understand. it’s hard to describe how, or where or whn the pain comes. i am sick of being asked, why do you think you are still like this! katie is 11 months old.

work have now atarted me on a capabilty procedure, good old addenbrookes! this looks at whether i am able to continue in my post and to "manage" my sickness, as i am off every month as along with bleeding like a stuffed or is it stuck pig the inabilty to put one foot in front of another is not too much to deal with as the hormones put me in such a position i have left katie on floor crying to be picked up as i can’t move.

i have asked about physio, but in all honesty don’t know if it’s worth it. i was told by gp to get to pain clinic i have to go through a consultant but nothing happening until i do the tens.

would it sound wrong of me to say even i don’t understand my own body. i have got to the point where i am questioning what am i feeling, is it as bad as i think, i am i being pathetic, is it in my head? i have got soo much going on, which doesn’t help. it’s three years since i lost my brother and the inquest into his death has finally arrived. there will be me and nine other families facing the last moments our last ones had and why this travesty had happened. that is why it’s so late but i can’t stop crying and don’t want to go to bed and dream again. i am so scared of all this. please can someone stop the world, i want to get off.

gentle hugs to all sore peoples!

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