May have to be Induced

Well, where do I start?  I arrived early at the hospital and was put straight on the monitor.  The baby’s heartbeat is good and strong, however, when I had a contraction type of pain, and the baby’s heartbeat dropped a bit, It stayed low during the pain, but was back to normal afterwards, in fact after the pain he was quite an active little bubs, lol.  I also questioned about the scan and what it meant, and the midwife dealing with me phoned the consultant and he was there within a couple of minutes to explain it to me.  Now because I have only had the one scan since my 20 week one, they cannot accurately say there is something wrong and won’t be able to tell me that until after the next one, he has explained that they will be able to check everything properly on Wednesday and if they see it as a problem the next step is talk about induction.  However I lost a couple of shows, which they say is the plug, and the midwife said she would be surprised if I made it to my appointment on Monday.  I’m not holding my breath as I know my babies have a way of proving me and medical staff wrong! lol  So my next appointment at the day unit is on Monday, so we will see how things go from here. 

Again it feels like I have been looked after and I’m feeling happier by the day.  So let’s hope it carries on like this!


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