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Maternity Wardrobe Tips

Expectant mums have plenty to be excited about with a new baby on the way, but with so many changes to their bodies, it can be a daunting experience to know how to prepare for the months ahead.

One of the biggest challenges is to fill your wardrobe with clothes that are going to fit and be comfortable, as well as being able to expand with your growing bump. These days there are some ingenious ways of expanding your current wardrobe, but there’s no doubt that you’ll need to invest in some maternity wear to help get you through your pregnancy.

Your maternity wardrobe should be much like your normal one; you want a variety of clothes that you can mix and match, and feel good in. Invest in a good pair of maternity trousers in a dark colour and a good pair of maternity jeans for casual days.

Maternity dresses are great for making you look and feel good, plus they are nice and roomy and light. The great thing about maternity dresses is that they can be dressed up or down. Chances are you’re still going to have a fancy meal out, birthday party or wedding to go to while you’re pregnant so you want to make sure that you have at least one dress that can be dressed up.

Tunics and short summer dresses are also another great option that can be worn with leggings. This is much lighter and summery than wearing jeans or trousers. Plus leggings are already stretchy and comfortable, so they are great for pregnant women looking for a practical, everyday wardrobe solution.

Shoes can also be problematic during pregnancy too, especially for those suffering from swollen feet and ankles. Luckily, more shops now offer wide fit shoes, although sadly ladies, skyscraper heels might be out.

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