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Which consultant?

Hi everyone

This is my first post for quite a while and I feel like a newbie again!  Just finding my way round the site again and reading some posts.

I developed SPD at 6 weeks pregnant when my legs stopped working and I had a lot of pain in my SI joints.  Basically it just got worse from there (I ended up on crutches and couldn’t walk at all for the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy or for 3 weeks afterwards) and all the mw’s I saw were about as much use as chocolate tea pots, apart for the last one I saw at 39 weeks, a little late in the day though!  But my GP at the time was fantastic and got me into the physio within a week, but they weren’t much better than the mw!!  But did tell me I also have hyper mobility.  Long story short I still suffer with SPD, my GP rang all the consultants he could think of that may be able to help me, the only one who agreed to see me was the back surgeon.  All he could do for me was to pin everything back together but he wouldn’t cos I may have ended up in a wheel chair.  So I was referred to the Pain Clinic.  This doc offered me injections in my SI joints, pubic bone and periformis muscle.  Before I could have the injections we moved house and I had to change GP and hospital as it was a 200 mile move!  I have a new GP practice but each time I get to know an individual they leave (beginning to think it’s something I’ve done lol).  The pain clinic at the new hospital has a completely different attitude to pain than the old.  The new Consultant (Dr L) is fantastic and very understanding, I ended up in tears and he was so lovely I found it hard to stop crying.  God love him!  But he looks on the body as a whole and believes we have a pain system as we have a nervous system and it is a very complicated system.  He says he can help me but it will take a long time (around 2 years, if not longer) and it will be hard mentally and physically and I’ll be in more pain than I am now! eek!  But in the long run it should help and he feels he can help me.  At the very least he said I will be able to cope with the pain better.  Typically the physio department messed up and there has now been a delay of a few months because they are moving to the sister hospital! Which is very frustrating!  But I’ve waited this long … what’s a few more months??  A lot!!  As I’m starting to get to the point where it is really getting me down, but the house move hasn’t helped, as I didn’t want to move, but as I couldn’t return to work we were beginning to struggle a little and also stupidly thought moving back home we’d get help/support.  Sorry enough of my moans!

What I was wondering was what consultants others have seen.  There must be one that can help other than the pain clinic.  Just wondering as while Dr L says he can help it may only be that he can help me cope with the pain better rather than reducing it.  I just can’t help feeling a bit short changed, so thought I’d ask who others had seen.  Maybe it’s just I’m having a hard time lately (house move with loads of problems, new house with loads of problems, didn’t want to move, not settling in back home, missing everyone down south, pain getting worse, mother who thinks it’s all in my mind, the list goes on!) and feeling a bit down about it all.  I was seeing a chiropractor during all this time and now we have moved and I’ve not had any treatment since May I am realising how much he did for me.

Just realised the length of this post, sorry.  Didn’t mean to go on!

Jo x

Am I pregnant?


I am new to this site….

I am very confused and upset. At the end of July I had to have an abortion, long and nasty story i wont go into it.

I have since been trying to get pregnant again with my boyfriend. Since July I have done 5 preg tests all saying postive, the last one i did 5 days ago. Since then I have had slight bleeding but not heavy enough like a period. We went to the docs yest to get an early scan to date me which I should have tomorrow or Friday.

I did another test this morning and it was negative.

So was I ever pregnant or was it hormones still raging from last pregnancy, or was I pregnant and have lost it in the slight bleeding?

I am still going for the scan, need to know for definite. Anyone got any thoughts?

Parenting and the Law

Parenting and the Law

This article is not a legal document but is simply available to help guide you on your legal responsibilities as a parent.

Children in Paid Work

A part time job can be a great way to teach children about their responsibilities and for them to be able to earn their own money. It can be a good basis for future employment however there are rules and laws governing children in the work place.