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Breech at 34 weeks

Hey all. At my last appointment at 33 weeks we found out the baby is still head up and butt down. The doc said he doesnt worry bout babys position until your last month.My question to you all since yall are experts on having babies lol. My baby is a lil bigger than she should be so Ive read the chances on her flipped from now on and getting into the right position is slim after 34 weeks??? Should I be concerned cause Ive had two vaginal deliverys before and Im soo afraid of a c section and Ive heard that when the doc does that version thing to turn the baby himself it hurts?? Can anyone help please. This is my third full pregnancy so Im not a first time mom flipping out lol. Im just concerned.

SPD name change to PGP

What do you think.

SPD have now been changed to PGP – pelvic girdle pain.

What do you think?

Personally I’m not keen. I think it makes it sound quite minor and doesn’t explain the condition fully. I still use SPD or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction as I find it more explanatory. Although I have to spell it and repeat it every time anyone asks.

I’m interested in others opinions.