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Is this SPD?

Hi all

I’m really worried that I might be developing SPD but don’t want to sound like a hypochondriac, especially having read some of your stories here. I have mild pain currently and it feels like it’s getting a bit worse each day. Lots of the symptoms feel right – trouble turning over in bed, more painful going from sitting to standing, only able to open legs to a certain point without pain etc.

Am already on the waiting list to see a physio about back pain and the list is 10 weeks wait! My midwife is keen to put every possible symptom down as ‘normal pregnancy pain’ (and maybe this is…)

I guess my question is, does SPD tend to come on suddenly with chronic pain, or can it start like me with mild pain and either stay as it is or get worse? I have an appointment with a private osteopath this Friday so if there’s anything you’d recommend I talk to him about or any manipulation I should be wary of, I’d really appreciate your advice.

I will go to see my GP about this next week but it seems pointless waiting for their treatment services if I can do something preventative now.

Thanks all in advance for your help.

Been given the final chance – Pelvis Fusion Surgery

Today has been a very stressful day.

I went to see my consultant today about my prolotherapy injections for my SPD and why my last lot didn’t work. I was nervous going in because I was convinced that she would tell me that they would give it another go and that would be it, no explanation, nothing! So I wrote out everything I had been through, all the medication I was on, all the questions I had.

So after driving an hour to get there and waiting nearly 2 hours to see her I went in and she was lovely. Asked me to explain how I was feeling and what had happened. I went through it all and she said she had never had to do this – but she was referring me for pelvis fusion surgery.

Wow – what a knock from the blue. Apparently, despite my complaint, I have been one of the bravest and least hassle patients she has had but I had gone as far as I could with this. The pain free periods between injections havent lenghtened at all and now they are failling to work period, she said I had put myself through enough. I have tried everything and know one can say I havent pushed myself through this – but I had a seriously unstable pelvis and the only option left is surgery.

After a long discussion where I voiced my concerns she told me I obviously knew a great deal about my condition so what she would do would be contact my GP and tell her the injections were know longer working and she was putting me forward for pelvic surgery. I can then do all my research and find the best surgeon I can. She will then make sure I can get a referal to him and the funding for the operation. She will back me all the way.

I walked out in tears, it was such a shock to have all my hope pulled away from me. I am so scared as we are looking at around 6 months bedbound/wheelchair and over a year to recovery – if I recover – its a risky op.

I have talked to my mum and dh and they and some close friends have promised to support me all I can and be there for me and for Edward.

I’m still in shock but at least I now know what my future holds.

Some good some bad news

Well where to start really.  I am pregnant and I am due 31st January 2009.  I had a scan at 8 +6 that showed one baby and one heartbeat so that was a good sign.  I had another scan today which shows I am 12 +4 so bang on target.  The babies crown to rump length is normal, the babies ear to ear measurement is normal, the babies femur length is normal.  However the nuchal fold area is abnormal measuring 5mm.  The sonographer tried to speak to the main hospital and to the local hospital to get someone to come and speak to us and tell us our options but no one was available.  Fortunately I have a consultants appointment on Friday booked already.

I am slightly annoyed in some ways as we had already decided that we would not have the triple test or pay for a nuchal fold scan.  We won’t have a cvs or an amnio.  We had a lot of worry with Ollie after the triple test and we didn’t want to go through all that again.  I expect we will be sent to Bristol fetal medicine hospital for a more detailed scan and see if there are any other key markers the same as we were with Ollie.  Having a baby with a chromosome disorder does not bother us in the fact we still want and will still love our baby but it’s scarey not knowing what other health complications our baby could have in the future and what we will all have to go through.

Filling your bladder for a scan

Hiya, i’m due to have a scan at 3pm today !

How much will i have to drink to fill my bladder ? I know that is a stupid question !

I have a 1.5L bottle of water and i have only managed to drink quarter of it, do you think it will be enough if i drink it all ?

Is this my SPD returning?

No, I’m NOT pregnant before anyone thinks that lol.

Anyway, as in a previous post about all the problems I’m having I’ve started to get all the symptoms of my old SPD back out of the blue.  My SPD went almost immidiately after giving birth nearly 12 months ago, only returning slightly during my first period 8 weeks later.  Since then I have had nothing at all in that area to cause any problems.

2 days ago I felt like it was coming back, all the same feelings came flooding back of how it used to be whilst I was pregnant.  Yesterday it was a little more tender and today it’s killing me, simply sitting is hurting.  I’ve found myself walking as if I’m 9 months pregnant again with the tell tale ‘waddle’.

Could this be my SPD returning after so long, and if so, why now?  or could it simply be something else.  I’ve tried getting an appointment with the doctor but they’ve brough in a new system that makes it near on impossible to get through so I havn’t been successful yet.

Sharp Pains

Hey guys

Was woken up during the night with a really sharp pain in the very bottom of my stomach. Felt like a contraction but only had the one and was quite strong. I never had Braxton Hicks with my first so not sure what they should feel like. Does anyone have any idea what it could have been. The lo was really active during the time I had the pain as well. I’m 38 + 4 weeks by the way. I’ve also had a really upset stomach for the past few days as well and don’t know if this is related or not.

Problems at dinner time

Edward has never really been a problem when it comes to food. He’s not wonderful as far as eating is concerned but he’s ok and he eats most of his meals. However for the past 3 days he has REFUSED dinner.

Its been different things each time and things I know he times (tuna risotto, oxtail stew, chicken pasta) but its like he’s made his mind up before he’s got to the table that he wont eat. I havent let him snack during the afternoon so he should be hungry.

He just point blank refuses to eat and no amount of coxing, threats or bribery make him eat. He tries telling me he doesnt know how to eat (which is silly as he’s been feeding himself well for AGES).

If he doesnt eat it thats it – nothing else is offered even when he tells me later he’s hungry – and no treats like extra stories or tv before bed but it seems to make no difference.

Does anyone have any ideas?