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Any advice gratefully received

hi all hope you are all well. i was not to sure where to put this post so i apologise if its in the wrong place.

Well i am very happily married with four lovely children. we had decided that 4 was definately enough but hubby did not want a vascectomy so i was put on the list to be sterilised. Well know hubby has decided he will have it done so i dont need to (yay) lol. Over the last couple of weeks he has been talking about babies again. How lovely it would be although i will have to look after another one lol. He has been bringing it up even more day by day. 2 nights ago he asked me if i would have another one if money was not an issue. I think i would and told him that. Thing is we cant afford anymore really and i dont know if i could cope either but i have kind of come around to the idea.

Am i being really silly? my mum will have a right go and prob some of my friends to lol. Im all confused. Do i like the idea and not actually the reality? sorry to go on , i just really needed to get it off my chest. x x x

Salmon Luke Competition Winners Announced

Well the Salmon Luke competition has come to an end. a Huge thank you to Salmon Luke for donating the fantastic prizes and for all of you who took part.

Well we asked What are the full names of the two colours the me-feed-me sets are available in?

The Answer was Rocket Blue and Pefect Pink








So all the correct answers went into a hat and the 5 winners are:


So congratulations to all of you. You have all won a me-feed-me feeding bowl and cutlery set worth £15.95

I will contact you all in the next 24 hours to arrange for your prizes to be sent out.

Don’t forget if you were unlucky this time but wish to purchase a me-feed-me feeding bowl and cutlery set you can visit the salmon luke website by clicking here.

Returning to work

After thinking about all the possibilities, it does look like I’ll need to go back to work to make ends meet.  Hubby has been self employed and the money flow has been erratic, so because I have a really steady job I’ve thought long and hard and decided to go back.  If you read my post about nursery places you’ll know that getting paid not an option as we can’t afford double the fees for the twins not to mention Emilie, so hubby will stay at home on the days I’ll work.

I think it will be good for him- he’ll have the time with the kids and babies he’s missed and he’ll see the full work involved in running the house!  Although in saying that he’ll probably get loads of help as people feel sorry for the poor men left with the kids and don’t think twice when poor mum is there struggling along!  Well, that’s my experience anyway!