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Cuddledry Competition Winner Announced

Thank you to everyone who entered the Cuddledry competition. The turn out was excellent!

So the question was: How many colours are avaliable for the Original Cuddledry Baby Bath Towel?

And the answer was: 4

Well done to everyone who got the answer correct.

So the winners have all been put into a hat and the winners name that has been pulled out is:


Congratulations! You win a Cuddledry Baby Bath Towel! I will contact you to arrange for the prize to be sent out to you.

I hope you all enjoyed the competition, remember without sponsers like Cuddledry they just wouldn’t be possible.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next competition, coming soon!

Win a Cuddledry Baby Bath Towel

It’s competition time again!

This month we’ve teamed up with Cuddledry to offer the chance to win a lovely Cuddledry Baby Bath Towel.

The Cuddledry concept was founded by two long term friends, now working mums. Their first product is the 100% organic Cuddledry baby bath towel.

They discovered that learning how to take care of your newborn was stressful enough, without the extra slippery problems associated with getting your precious wriggling bundle safely out of the bath.

Most baby towels are lightweight squares, which parents have to hold awkwardly under their chin or between teeth in order to have two hands free to lift baby. The only alternative is to lay them on the bathroom floor, certainly not giving baby the warmth and protection they crave when lifted from bathwater into cold air. Both methods upset babies, so Helen and Polly came up with Cuddledry to make the bath exit a bonding time, not a stress!

The Cuddledry baby towel attaches to the parent like an apron, so both hands are free. Lifting baby up out of the bath is easy and safe, and you cuddle and dry your baby in your arms naturally, strengthening the bond between you when baby feels most vulnerable. You don’t have to think about holding a towel at all.

This is the major safety advantage of the Cuddledry system, but there are plenty more features to its unique design. The towel ensure the parent STAYS DRY and therefore less likely to get the floor wet and slip, and the towel is ATTACHED to you which prevents the risk of having to move away from your baby for even a second. The SINGLE-HANDED EASY RELEASE poppers allow you to simply remove the towel from yourself and lay baby down on their changing mat still snugly wrapped. In addition, the towel is DOUBLE-LAYERED, not only giving it a luxurious thick texture, but absorbing water faster and keeping it away from baby’s skin.

The Cuddledry 100% certified organic baby bath towel is safer, more eco-friendly and luxurious than anything else you can buy for your baby.

You may have seen Helen and Polly on BBC2’s Dragons Den last year.

For your chance to win a Cuddledry Baby Bath Towel, visit the Cuddledry website and find this answer to this simple question:

How many colours are avaliable for the Original Cuddledry Baby Bath Towel?

Once you have found the answer, send me a PM.

The rules!
One guess per member by PRIVATE MESSAGE ONLY! 
I will only accept your 1st answer – any subsequent answers will not count. 
DO NOT post your answer here. You may discuss the competition, but you MUST NOT put your answer here. 
The names of all the members who guess correctly will be put into the draw, and the winner drawn out at random. 
Deadline for entering is 8.00pm on Monday 10th March 2007 UK time. The winner will be announced later that evening.
The correct answer has been verified in advance between Madzwalker, Cuddledry and Flipflop. This competition is open to everyone except Madzwalker, Flipflop and employees of Cuddledry. Please see the Madmums Competitions Policy for further info (
Good luck everyone!

X-Ray after Surgery for DSP/SPD

Hi folks,

I know haven’t been around for a while but my recovery from the surgery has been pretty up and down.. It’s mainly my own fault because there’s been such an improvement that I keep doing too much and it then knocks me for six for a few days..  For those of you who are interested, I took a picture of my x-ray (camera phones are great aren;t they?) so you can see the two plates accross the pubic bone (or symphysis) and the four screws on my SI joints.  The ones on the SI are only temporary as fitting plates there would be a huge operation (even bigger than the one I’ve just had) and he didn;t want to do that unless we knew that the SI joints needed stabalised.  Early signs are really, really good as I’m managing to walk around the house without using the crutches and I’ve even taken the girls to the park with a ball for the first time ever.. (admittedly, I was in agony afterwards but hey, it was worth it!)

I’ve to go back in another 8 weeks and he’ll just keep monitoring the plates & screws to make sure that there’s no movement so fingers crossed that this one won’t fail like the first one.. I don’t think it will though, as this was done far more thoroughly than the first time and you can’t see the gap anymore so I have far more faith in his work.. Hopefully in a few months the crutches will be a distant memory and I can even think about going back to work (god only knows what I’ll do now that I’ve been away for 6yrs but it would be great to get out and meet people)..

Here’s the x-ray:

How scary does that look? I just hope no-one ever kicks me in the crotch, otherwise they’re in for a fright when their foot gets impaled!!

Pregnancy after sterilisation?

This is a tough one to write, I am a week late for my af, after having the usual signs of being on anyday well over a week ago, and having been sterilised after having Winston didn’t think I would need this kind of advice.  I am 1 week late for my af, and am in no rush to find out why.  The last 2 pg’s were very stressful times, and I really feel that if I did a test I would need to make a decision as to what to do.  For those of you who don’t know me, I have 3 teenagers, and my 2 lo’s will be 2 & 3 this year.  Both the little ones have speech problems and are showing definite signs of ocd, or limited learning.  The thought of possibly having another child fills me with dread.  I know my mental health wouldn’t be able to cope with another pregnancy, and saying that I don’t think my marriage would either.  I don’t want to have to test, and will be leaving it another week before doing anything about it, unless i start getting excessive pains.  I know the possiblility of having an ectopic pg is high.  I know I’ve been feeling different about myself recently, but I am bricking it.  I didn’t know where to put this post and I really didn’t want to write it, I am just asolutely lost, but don’t have the time to think rationally these days.