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Coming soon – Win with CuddleDry


Its competition time again and this month we have teamed up with Cuddledry to set up a fantastic competition for you!

The Cuddledry concept was founded by two long term friends, now working mums. Their first product is the 100% organic Cuddledry baby bath towel.

They discovered that learning how to take care of your newborn was stressful enough, without the extra slippery problems associated with getting your precious wriggling bundle safely out of the bath.

Most baby towels are lightweight squares, which parents have to hold awkwardly under their chin or between teeth in order to have two hands free to lift baby. The only alternative is to lay them on the bathroom floor, certainly not giving baby the warmth and protection they crave when lifted from bathwater into cold air. Both methods upset babies, so Helen and Polly came up with Cuddledry to make the bath exit a bonding time, not a stress!

The Cuddledry baby towel attaches to the parent like an apron, so both hands are free. Lifting baby up out of the bath is easy and safe, and you cuddle and dry your baby in your arms naturally, strengthening the bond between you when baby feels most vulnerable. You don’t have to think about holding a towel at all.

This is the major safety advantage of the Cuddledry system, but there are plenty more features to its unique design. The towel ensure the parent STAYS DRY and therefore less likely to get the floor wet and slip, and the towel is ATTACHED to you which prevents the risk of having to move away from your baby for even a second. The SINGLE-HANDED EASY RELEASE poppers allow you to simply remove the towel from yourself and lay baby down on their changing mat still snugly wrapped. In addition, the towel is DOUBLE-LAYERED, not only giving it a luxurious thick texture, but absorbing water faster and keeping it away from baby’s skin.

The Cuddledry 100% certified organic baby bath towel is safer, more eco-friendly and luxurious than anything else you can buy for your baby.

You may have seen Helen and Polly on BBC2’s Dragons Den last year.

The Competition will be announced on the 3rd March at 8pm and will run for one week.

As always the answer to the competition question will be found on the Cuddledry website – so why not check them out in advance by clicking here.


Is boredom the root cause of naughtiness?

As our children are progressing, growing and learning, its hard not to notice them being naughty, but I was also wondering that in some instances, are they being naughty out of boredom?

Lewis is on the naughtiness road constantly, and unfortunately I cant get about like I could, I cant keep up with him and Im wondering how to get this resolved.  He’s really into his stories now and we have gotten him lots of new books – unfortunately we cant loan them from the library as most of them will inevetably end up in bits.  I am also toying with the idea of having craft days with him and getting some paints and and things, although the playdoh didnt go down well – he preferred to play with the containers.

Truth is ladies, Im at a loss of what I can do with him and I need your help.  Everything we buy for him he destroys and sometimes if we try to play games with him, he snatches whatever we have and runs away.  I dont see the hv because tbh shes as much use as a chocolate teapot and he just runs riot at playgroup.  I have spoken to my gp about his behaviour and all she said was she will speak to the hv to get referred to the child development centre – that was nearly a year ago. 

I would love him to be able to run himself ragged, go to a park, but as yet we dont have a park in our village and the nearest soft play area is two bus rides away.  I am asking for advice and tips, which I will take onboard to help improve my son’s behaviour.  Thank you in advance xxxxxx

Can you prepare yourself to breastfeed?

Do you think there is anything you can physically or practically do to help you with breastfeeding your baby? For example, does using nipple cream, or vaseline before the birth help etc.

When I had Ella, I was hell bent on breastfeeding and so we had no formula, bottles or anything in. The antenatal classes I’d been to had drummed into us that everyone can breastfeed and it only hurts if your doing it wrong. I since know that that is rubbish, and fully expect it to be uncomfortable/hurt to start with but I think that having incorrect information and very little support at the beginning had a lot to do with why I wasn’t successful in feeding Ella.

Ella was born by emergency c-section and straight away I was told I couldn’t bf lying down (I know now that this isn’t true). The midwife who "helped" me latch her on didn’t do it right and so straight away I had a massive blister. Ella fed every hour or so to start off with and within 24 hours I had cracked, bleeding nipples. My milk didn’t come in until the end of day 5 and so because of the amount of colostrum she’d drank, I was producing enough milk to feed the entire street! I was so engorged, she couldn’t latch on so had to hand express to reduce the firmness etc. Because of the bleeding nipples etc, it was agony and she’d usually end up with a mouth full of blood, which would annoy her and then she wouldn’t drink very much. I persevered for 8 days, then expressed every time and gave her my milk bottled. This didn’t work terribly well (even though I could express 6 oz each time) and so she lost a lot of weight and then we changed to formula and I felt like the worlds biggest failure.

I know that I had bad advice from the start and that I need to get some proper support set up for this time, but wondered if you ladies had any hints or tips? A friend of mine swears by using Vaseline on her nipples from about 2 weeks before the birth, anyone else tried this?