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Most Popular Babies’ Names in 2007

Most Popular Babies’ Names in 2007

Jack and Grace are the most popular names given to babies in England and Wales in 2007. Jack has been the top boys’ name for an amazing 13 years while Grace moved up one place from last year.

In the girls’ top five, Ruby moves up two places to number two. Last year’s top girls’ name, Olivia, drops two places to number three while Emily rises one place to number four and Jessica falls two to number five.

The boys’ top five looks almost the same as last year. Thomas remains at number two, Oliver rises one place to number three, Joshua drops one to number four and there is no change for Harry at number five.

There are two new entries in the girls’ top 50. Ava leaps 23 places to number 41 and Summer rises 15 places to number 44.

The boys’ top 50 see three new entries this year. Jayden climbs 36 places to become the highest new entry at 32, followed by Isaac and Finley, which both go up 13 places to numbers 42 and 47 respectively.

Other girls’ names gaining popularity this year are Isabelle (up nine to 20), Imogen (up 14 to 34) and Sophia (up 12 to 37). Significant climbers in the boys’ top 50 are Alfie (up six to number 10) and Oscar (up 8 to 39). Mohammed continues its long-term increasing popularity this year and moves up five places to number 17, while Muhammad also gained popularity (up six places to number 38).

Anna and Paige drop out the girls’ top 50 this year while Bradley, Rhys and Kyle all leave the boys’ top 50.

In Wales alone, the top boys’ name remains Jack but Dylan is number two and Rhys remains stable at five. The Welsh girls’ list is topped by Ruby. Megan is second most popular while Ffion is number six.

Concerns following my injections

I had my 3rd round of prolotherapy injections into my groin and lower back on Friday. As always it was painful in the days following but was starting to improve and my mobility was increasing.

However today I am in agony. I have really sharp stabbing pains in my groin which are bringing tears to my eyes. I cant seem to do anything without yelping in pain.

I cant phone my GP as they wont really understand the procedure, and I dont want to bother the hospital I had it done it at either but I am in so much pain I can hardly move.

Hypertension in pregnancy

Hi all

Not sure if anyone is interested but I couldn’t see any similar threads and wondered if anyone had had similar experiences.  Well, the story began at the booking visit….

High BP 141/91, also history of high BP on the combined pill back in the 90s .

Referred to special ante natal hypertension clinic.  First clinic was yesterday, BP taken at visit was 139/96.  Optimal BP is 120/80 and I think 140/90 is counted as borderline high BP that requires attention.  In general the bottom number should b e below 90.

I have been prescribed aspirin 75mg once a day to ensure that enough blood/oxygen gets to the placenta as this is the main concern with high BP.  Also I had the fun and games of being fitted with a 24 hour BP monitor which recorded my BP every 30mins in the day and then hourly through the night.  So not much sleep!  I thought it would be fairly easy to deal with as having your BP done isn’t exactly painful, but after the damn machine going off every 30 mins (always at the most inconvenient times!) it got quite intrusive and painful.  Particularly when in a shop and my hand spamsed and I threw my money at the assitatnt by mistake!!  Very funny!  Note to self – do not use the hand with the BP monitor on when it is going off…..

Once they have analysed the results they will decide if I have true high BP (not just white coat syndrome!) and then assess if I need any more drugs to bring the BP down.  If I need them then these drugs stop around 34/36 weeks as naturally the BP of a pregnant mum goes down at this stage.  In addition to the drugs I will also need to keep the stress down (does that mean I can give up work! lol).

Has anyone been treated with drugs for high BP during pregnancy and if so do you know if there is any info on effects of the meds on the baby?  I am sure I will get this info from the clinic if and when the decision is made, but as usual I like to dig around for the facts in advance!!

The obvious problem later on is a higher risk of preclamsia but that is a way off yet, so I will not dwell on that one!

Well its back to work for me today until the end of the week, need to try and find some enthusiasm, I really can’t be bothered lately, esp with all this going on, Christmas etc.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings once again

Love H x


Christmas Tree Competition!

Merry Christmas Madmums 



This year the Christmas Competition is a lovely light hearted one. Simply submit a picture of your decorated Christmas Tree

Post your photo, with description if you want, on this thread.

The winner will receive a Madmums Mug and Mousemat. The runner up will also receive a Madmums mug!

The competition will run until 2pm on Monday 24th December (Christmas Eve). No entries will be accepted after this date. A winner will be chosen by an independent, neutral judge and will be announced at 4pm on Monday 24th December (Christmas Eve).

The rules!

Experiences after having a previous C-Section

Hey All

I’m just wanting to pick a few brains if that’s OK, so please bare with my huge long post cos it does have a point LOL. 

Basically I’ve hit my 29 week mark and have now started to seriously think about the labour/birth situation. I have an 8 year old daughter, who had to be born by emergency caesarian section because she was undiagnosed breech. My whole labour was a mess basically because the MW and doctors hadn’t managed to spot she was breech despite me being examined both externally and internally on numerous occasions. I went into labour at 7am on the Saturday morning, but after a fairly prompt progression for the first few hours I got stuck at 3.5cm dialated (I was examined twice by the MW in that time). I was taken into hospital at around 5pm the Saturday evening where I was examined by 3 member’s of staff (one MW and two doctors) and it was confirmed I was still only 3.5cm. They kept me in overnight in case I progressed any further, but by 9am the following morning (despite being completely knackered) I was examined again and was still only 3.5cm. Due to the fact our hospital policies state you aren’t in established labour until you’re 4cm, I was sent home and told I’d have to cope with the discomfort until Tuesday when I was due to be induced.  By Sunday teatime I was so tired and uncomfortable that I just sat and cried. I ended up getting really stressed and then my waters finally went. The MW came out and examied me and in the space of about 20 minutes after my waters went, I’d gone from 3.5cm to 7cm dialated. It wasn’t until this examination that they realised Jess was actually breech *and* facing forward (oblique?) There was then a huge panic amongst the MW and Doctor’s and I ended up being rushed in for an emergency caesarian.

Now I’ve been to see the consultant already (when I was 15 weeks) and he has said I shouldn’t need another caesarian unless this baby decides to be awkward as well (or I am one of the rare people who have a diformaty in my womb which means the baby can’t get head down comfortably). The thing is I’m really worried about if I do have to have a caesarian because for the last two years I’ve had a condition called Chronic Urticaria which requires me to be on three types of tablet daily. These tablets haven’t affected my pregnancy fortunately, however they have caused me to become allergic to ibruprofen, codine and sometimes even react to paracetamol so I’m really concerned about how the spinal for the caesarian would affect me and how they would go on for giving me painkillers afterwards because of my allergies

So… my questions are; how likely is it that I will need another section? Has anyone else had experiences with having their first baby by CS and another vaginally? Has anyone had a section who also has allergies to various painkillers? Any advice would be gratefully received

Antidepressants in pregnancy

Has anyone else taken antidepressants whilst they were pregnant?

I’ve been feeling that all is not right for a little while now and had decided last week to give myself 2 weeks to really make an effort with my lightbox, and then see the GP if no better. Since having the bleed at the weekend, things came to a head when I saw the GP on Monday and she has given me some antidepressants.

I’ve not started them yet – largely because I wanted to get the scan over and done with, but I am going to start them tomorrow. I’ve got liquid Fluoxetine (Prozac), liquid because the smallest dose in tablet form is 20mg and she wants me to start on 10mg. There is a risk with antidepressants in pregnancy that the baby can become addicted, but the hospital and midwife assure me that this is normally only in doses above 40mg so at 10mg, the risks are very low. That said, it still bothers me.

I’ve been umming and ahhing about this since Monday and although yesterday’s result on the scan has lifted me no end, I know that I’m still not right and am teetering on falling into the depths again, and I don’t want that.

I’ve decided that when the office closes next week, I’m not looking for a job. I won’t officially be redundant until 3rd February, but will be on garden leave until then. I’m signed off at the moment so bar a trip into the office next week to collect my stuff, I’m all done. It feels very, very odd. I’ve worked since I was 18 bar the year off when I had Ella. I’m 35 now and it feels really very unsettling. I’m sure that this is 90% of the problem. If I was signed off sick from now until when the baby is born, that would feel different as I would still have an actual job. Its  just messing my head around now.

I’d be very interested to know if anyone did take anti d’s in pregnancy. I know its the right thing for me to do, but it still feels a little odd.


Its all OK!

I’ve been to the hospital this morning, and baby is ok! I can’t begin to describe the relief at seeing that tiny heartbeat!

There is no evidence of a bleed around the sac or within the womb, so the most likely cause was a burst capillary on the exterior of my uterus or a cervical erosion. Baby is measuring 11 + 4 which is 1 day ahead of where I thought, so I’m due on 21st June 2008. The heartbeat is strong and all looks fine.

I’ve just got to take it easy and rest up, so am now going to have a think about what to do about work (my job finishes a week on Friday) but I think the sensible option is to take the redundancy and leave work alone for a while.

Thank you all for your support and kind words, am going to have a sleep now as I didn’t get much last night and my eyes are sore from crying.

And here is Junior Mears – not a great pic, but who cares. Oh, and I’ve found out that I’ve got to have that blood test again as by the time the blood got to the lab it had clotted – so another matching bruise maybe.


Need advice with controlled crying

hi all, i would really love to hear your opinion on controlled crying! I posted a topic in september explaining that callum wasnt sleeping through the night and asked for advice, most of you adviced on giving water when he wakes and mabye controlled crying. so i stopped giving him milk and just gave water and for a few weeks it worked! now things are worse.he is waking up and several times a night and can take at least an hour to get back to sleep,which means hardly any sleep for me and my partner.this is bringing us to breaking point as we are becoming a real mr n mrs smith in the night time(all guns blazing!)up until today he would not even consider controlled crying as he feels its cruel to let callum cry even for a little i finally got him to agree to try it for a week and he has.right ,my problem now is, ive been looking it up on the net to see excactly how it should be done and have come across a few articles that suggest it does more harm than good and now am sooooooo confused on what to do for the best! I’m ten weeks pregnant and have underactive thyroids which is probebly making me feel worse, but im desperate to try anything to help him sleep and for me n hubby to stop arguing because we are so tired and cranky with each other aal the anyone’s opinion on this subject would be greatly appreciated!