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Explaining death to children

I need some advice on how honest to be with children about death. I always try to be honest but Edward is now at an age where he is absorbing a lot more and I’m worried I might upset him without meaning too.

A few months ago my cat died. She lived at my parents but Eds adored her. I told him she had gone away for a very long sleep and he accepted that, although missed her alot.

This week my neighbour died. I’d told Eds she was in hospital as we were going to make a card for her. Now he’s asked if she is still there. I’m not sure how much detail to go into. He’s only 2 and half.

How do you explain death to such a young child? Have you had to talk to your children about it? How did you go about it and how did they deal with it?

Support belts for SPD

For those of you who have/have had SPD – did you/do you use a support belt?

I was given a pregnancy one when I was 20 weeks. It was one of the thick ones with 3 straps which strap under your bump. I hated it and it make me far more uncomfortable. I then found that my pelvis was so lose that when I strapped it on I was pushing my pelvis together at the wrong angle which was why it hurt.

When the SPD came back post birth I was given 3 differnet belts to try but again they seemed to hinder rather than help. I still have one, called a Serola Belt, which is narrower and fits lower around the waist and velcros tight, thich I have just put back on. I’m not sure whether it’ll help me but I felt so unstable this morning I thought I should try something.

Day Care

I never sent Edward to any form of day care so I know very little about it but I was talking to a pregnant friend who was weighing up the pros and cons of different sorts of day care (private nursery, relative looking after them, childminder, etc) and realised how hard it must be for parents returning to work to know what to do.

So I was just wondering what you did, what alternatives you looked and and the pros and cons and why you made the choice you did?

I think it will be very helpful for new mums to read who are thinking of returning to work and maybe make the decision a bit easier.

pregnancy and breast milk

Hey All

I was just wondering what is considered ‘normal’ with regard to pregnant women’s breast milk coming in.

I’m 25 weeks pregnant and tonight I’ve noticed my first leaks. There’s not very much and it’s clear (so cholosterum (sp?) rather than milk assumably) but I’m sure I didn’t get it this early with my first daughter and my Mum has also said she didn’t think women started ‘leaking’ this early According to my scan graphs Millie (bump) is on the larger scale for her stage, but she’s not abnormally big, however my Mum’s now got me worrying that I’m actually further on than I/Midwife/scans think I am

What does everyone think? Any reassurance and advice gratefully accepted pleasey.

E numbers in medicines

I don’t want to start a panic and stop parents giving their children medicines. However I am a little concerned.

Edward has had a bad cold, cough, slight fever for a couple of weeks so we have been using mediced, calpol, nurofen, benylin and tyxilix. (Not all at the same time! – But as some point over the past few weeks)

Over the past few days – and in particular yesterday – Edward has not been like my son. He’s been hyper, back chatty, naughty, unable to sleep, playing up at night etc. I mentioned to DH that we needed to check his E number consumption as I have always been really strict so we went through everything and found he hasnt been having anything out of the ordinary.

Today I spoke to my nan who said ‘Have you checked his medicines?’ Well I have now and I am appauled. I havent finished yet but I came across this:

One ingredient of Calpol is a colouring E122 called Carmoisine. When I put it in a search engine I found a site which said this about it: