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Advice on ringworm treatment needed

Ella had several patches of ringworm on her back and the doctor prescribed canesten cream for it. It cleared up after about 3 weeks, but the largest patch has come back in the same place.

I’ve still got the canesten and have started using it again but am wary as although the doctor said that it can take several weeks to clear up fully and then may come straight back, I didn’t think that prolonged use of canesten was a good thing. Has anyone had or their lo had ring worm and what treatment worked for you?

I have some Daktarin from when DH had athletes foot and that says suitable for ringworm. I’m not going to just use it, but thought I’d have a chat with a pharmacist to get their advice. Before I do, I’d be interested if anyone else has experienced this as its useful to know what other treatments people have had success with.

Thank you!

Incidentally – Ringworm is a bacterial skin infection and not an actual worm! Its very common in children, particularly those who play in wet grass apparently!

Toddlers ‘ill’ from too much salt

Toddler Salt WarningToddlers ‘ill’ from too much salt

Children as young as four are eating so much salt it is putting their health at risk by raising their blood pressure, a study suggests.

The average four-year-old ate 4.7g a day, which is way above the 2-3g recommended for this age group, the Journal of Human Hypertension reports.

Each extra gram eaten raised blood pressure significantly. This increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Experts warned parents to look out for hidden salt in foods.


Breast Milk Storage

OK.. I’m totally confused everywhere I look there are different rules for how long you can keep breast milk in the fridge immediately after it’s been expressed from 48 hours to 7 days and once it’s defrosted. So which is the right advice.

Apart from needing to know this I would also like to know that if I expressed some milk of on Wednesday morning and put it in the fridge thinking it was going to be used on Monday that night but didn’t is it too late to put it into a storage bag and freeze it or will it be OK in the fridge until Monday night when I will definitely need some for her as I’m going out? Or my last option rather than waste it is to just feed it to her tonight (give’s hubby a chance to do another a feed) and express some more off later this evening for storage.

Sorry if this has already been asked at some point, would be really grateful for some advice though.