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Penwizard Competition Winners!



A big thank you to all those who entered the Penwizard Competition. As always the turn out was fantastic.


So the question was:


How many personalised books do Penwizard have in their range?


And the answer was:



With the help of my charming DP the three names pulled from the Madmums Competition Hat were:












Congratulations to all three of you on your fantastic prizes!


I know lots of you were impressed with the products on this site so if anyone is planning on placing an order with Penwizard please use one of the links through this site!


I hope you all enjoyed the competition. Remember they wouldnt be possible without sponsors like Penwizard.


Please keep an eye open for the next competition… coming soon!!!



Wi-fi laptop fears for children

Laptop in school
Computers with wireless internet should not be placed on children’s laps, says the head of the government’s committee on mobile phone safety research.

Professor Lawrie Challis told the Daily Telegraph children using wi-fi networks should be monitored until research into potential health risks is completed.

He says children should keep a safe distance from the embedded antennas.

The Health Protection Agency has said wi-fi devices are of very low power – much lower than mobile phones.

Prof Challis, retired professor of physics at the University of Nottingham, said: “With a desktop computer, the transmitter will be in the tower.

“This might be perhaps 20cms from your leg and the exposure would then be around one per cent of that from a mobile phone.

“However, if you put a laptop straight on your lap and are using wi-fi, you could be around two centimetres from the transmitter, and receiving comparable exposure to that from a mobile phone.”

‘Bigger problem’

Prof Challis added that children are much more sensitive than adults to dangers such as pollutants like lead and UV radiation.

“So if there should be a problem with mobiles, then it may be a bigger problem for children.

“Since we advise that children should be discouraged from using mobile phones, we should also discourage children from placing their laptop on their lap when they are using wi-fi.

Meanwhile, teachers have called for an investigation into whether there are any health risks from wireless computer networks in schools.

The Professional Association of Teachers union is writing to the education secretary for a clarification on wi-fi safety.

Many primary and secondary schools use wi-fi networks – but the PAT believes there is insufficient long-term evidence to demonstrate whether such networks are safe.

Water and Breastfeeding – Your thoughts

    Hi as most of you will have seen on my other post ‘interfering MIL’ I keep being told to give my LO top ups with water. The reason why I should give him water seems to change each time I speak to the MIL but some of her reasons include:

  1. Cleans out LO mouth
  2. Stops LO throat getting clogged up with milk
  3. Because he’s thirsty and LO doesnt get his thirst quenched by breast milk
  4. It helps to get rid of colic/wind
  5. It helps to get rid of milk spots
  6. Babies need to taste something other than breastmilk

I’m sure she has said loads of other reasons as well but I tend to turn off when she goes on about it cause everything I have read on this subject seems to go against this idea. My MIL was a nurse and a MW before she retired and I feel awful when we dont take her advice but my instincts tell me Nathaniel doesnt need anything other than what my body has produced for him, especially as he is so young (5wks)…

Does anyone else have any suggestions, feelings or comments on this subject? I would be really interested to know if any of you have introduced water to your lo diets and at what age did you start…

pregnancy 12 week scan

I have to go for two 12 week scans one at my local hospital and one in Bristol at St Micheals which deals with complicated births where they will do a Nuchal Fold scan too.  My scan date for my local hospital is 22nd May where they are going to determine chorionicity, am a bit scared but hoping both beans hold on until then.    

Pregnancy Foods

Pregnancy Foods

Eating whilst Pregnant – A guide through the minefield.

When you are pregnant there is lots of advice on what you should and shouldn’t be eating. This guide is designed to help you sift out the facts from the old wives tales.

It is important to eat a balanced diet whilst pregnant to make sure your baby gets all the nutrients it needs. It should also give you the energy you require to care for your growing baby.

You should try to eat:

Early Pregnancy Advice Please


I had a positive pregnancy test last Monday but started to have a slight brown discharge on Wednesday.  My doctor booked me an appointment with the Early Pregnancy Unit and I had a scan on Sunday.  There wasn’t much to see only a sac, but the nurse said this was probably as i was only about 5 weeks pregnant, I am going back on Wed 2nd may for another scan.  The discharge is only very faint now, but my main fear is that I don’t “feel pregnant” I have a slightly sore breasts but that seems to have gone now – I’ve had no other pregnancy symptoms is this normal.  I haven’t had any pain or cramps – has anyone else felt the same as me?




Win Personalised Books with Penwizard

Its competition time again!


This month weve teamed up with Penwizard to offer prizes to three madmums!


Penwizard personalised story books are truly unique, allowing you to customise the illustrations as well as the text. In just 3 easy steps your child becomes the central character in any one of their entertaining and exciting stories. They make a fantastic present that your child will read and re-read for years. Check them out HERE



This month we’re giving THREE lucky Madmums the chance to win a personalized story each of their choice!!!
See the full range HERE!!!


So what do you need to do to win one of these fantastic prizes? Visit by clicking HERE and then answer this simple question.


How many personalized books do penwizard have in their range?


Once you have found the answer, send me a PM. (Remember you are now sending answers to Madzwalker not Dizie!)



The rules!

  • One guess per member by PRIVATE MESSAGE ONLY!  
  • I will only accept your 1st answer – any subsequent answers will not count.  
  • DO NOT post your answer here. You may discuss the competition, but you MUST NOT put your answer here.  
  • The names of all the members who guess correctly will be put into the draw, and the winner drawn out at random.  
  • Deadline for entering is 7.30pm on Monday 30th April 2007 UK time. The winner will be announced at later that day. 

The correct answer has been verified in advance between Madzwalker, Penwizard and Flipflop. This competition is open to everyone except Madzwalker, Flipflop and Penwizard employees. Please see the Madmums Competitions Policy for further info (here

Good luck everyone!





26 week midwife check

I’ve been to the midwife again today, it’s the first time I’ve been seen since my scan.  All seems well, the heartbeat is very strong and fast and my little bubs is doing great, he even booted the droppler off my tum lol.

He’s measuring at 28 weeks so is a little big for dates but it’s not too concerning (even though I’m used to tiny babies).  I managed to get to discuss the problems with the cord and was told I’d be scanned to check the function of the kidneys and bladder and that is the main problem.  If there’s any cause for concern he’ll be scanned after birth to get a clearer picture of what is going on.

I have to go back in 2 weeks to be measured again and to have my bloods taken.

Twin Pregnancy

For all those that are experts at twins a few questions as I have been banned from surfing the net by my midwife (like that has stopped me)

What was your pregnancy like?  What tests did you under go whilst pregnant?  Were you under a consultant or a midwife?  How many scans did you have?  What was your labour like, did you have a csection or natural delivery, were you given a choice?  If you worked when did you have to give up work?  Did you have any complications whilst pregnant and how were these handled?  Oh and any other advice that you can think of, thank you.