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Thank you to all who entered our Moonpig competition! I know a lot of you have said how fab the site is, so don’t forget that you can buy from Moonpig all the year round by following links from Madmums. 

The question was

Who are the Moonpiglet cards designed for?

The answer is….Kids! (I accepted Children!)

I’ve put all the names into my lucky bowl and the winner of the

Post Natal Depression signed off by GP

I had a note from my GP asking me to make an appointment to discuss medication, so thinking it was for an asthma review, I went along yesterday. It was actually for my PND.

I finished the tablets in December and although to start with, I was a bit concerned that I wasn’t totally there, I do feel much much better. We had a lengthy chat about everything that had gone on, and he’s happy that the PND chapter can be closed.

I feel OK. Yes I have ups and downs, but then so does everyone. I’m still taking part in the study I’ve been doing about PND and will continue to do so as they are interested in the on going prognosis for women who suffered post natal illness. If I have another child, the GP assures me that they will watch me better than they did last time, I’m not totally convinced by this as I don’t have much faith in their abilities, but at least I’d be more aware of what was happening.

I’m not looking to gloat or to say oooo everyone, look at me. I just wanted to share the final chapter. The book started in April 2005, and its closed February 2007. For those who are still on the journey, I just want to encourage you that you WILL get there. Its hard and you feel like it will never end but I absolutely promise you that you will beat this. Hang in there.

Pneumococcal Vaccination Side Effects

I’m about to take Ella for her pneumococcal vaccination and wondered if anyone can tell me what the side effects might be and what sort of timescales they take to appear?

Although I have a leaflet which explains what the pneumococcal vaccination is, it doesn’t mention side effects like the one about the MMR did.

Would be very interested in your experiences.


Introducing the Madmums Buddy Scheme!

You may recall a little while ago we asked for members to volunteer to be mentors in certain areas of Pregnancy and Parenting. Well, after a lot of blood, sweat and tears (nearly) we are pleased to be able to launch the Madmums Buddy Scheme!

Obviously, we have the forums on this site to use to ask questions and seek advice. But sometimes its nice to be able to chat one to one to other Mum’s who have experienced what your going through in a little more privacy. And so we have set up a Buddy scheme to do just that!

The areas we are covering at the moment are as follows, with the names of the Buddies next to them:

  • SPD  - Madzwalker, Snibbug, JennyPenny, Rin1983
  • Single Parenting - Steph, Strawberry, Mum2Joshua
  • Education - Harrysmum, Rhona, Lynie
  • Post Natal Depression - 19731Hazy, Stac1983, Dizie
  • Pregnancy - Mumof4, 3smallboys, Feemcg
  • Breastfeeding - Rhona, Madzwalker, 3smallboys, Lynie
  • C-section  – Harrysmum, Dizie, MumSam
  • Miscarriage – NickiSmee, Rin1983, MumSam

If you would like to be put in touch with one of our buddies, please do not contact them directly, but follow this LINK to a special contact form. You can also view this from the menubar under “Community”. There’s also a link when you see a post by one of our Buddies.


After you have completed the form, one of our buddies will contact you via PM. Please allow a little time for this as obviously we’re not all on line all the time!


If you have any questions or comments on this, please send me a PM and I’ll do my best to answer them. Its very important that all requests go via the contact form as there are some terms and conditions that need to be read.


A big thank you to all our Buddies, and to Flip for all the work in getting this to work!




What was your pregnancy care like?

I’ve noticed since being on Madmums just what a ‘postcode lottery’ pregnancy care can be!

So I was wondering what your care was like? Did you have a designated midwife? And if so did you see her regually? Did you have 2 scans or just one and did you get any emergancy/extra care you needed? Did they treat you well or brush your worries aside? What about aftercare?

I was really lucky. I had 2 designated midwifes but saw one almost everytime. She was really nice and took onboard my concerns and was sympathetic about my SPD, in fact she orgnanised homevisits so I didnt have to get to the surgery. It was her who fought the hospital and got me admitted when things got too much. The hosptial were good too and I was in regually for monitoring (due to fetal heartbeat abnormality) one extra scan and pain relief due to SPD. I did have to fight to be induced and the consultants were initially very rude about the SPD and brushed me aside but eventually they understood, asked me lots of questions and even apologised for their initial rudeness! The aftercare was fabulous as well and apart from one midwife that I seriously fell out with during my hossie stay I was impressed with it all.

So what were your experiences like? I think it’ll be interesting to read.

No Pain, No Gain.

Yesterday I went for my first course of Prolotherapy injections to help my SPD. Getting there is a nightmare in itself because the nearest place that does it is an hour away! But never mind. I couldnt eat all morning so I was starving and very nervous. Esspecially when my consultant told me I’d probably hate him before I thanked him as it would make me much worse before I got better.

We agreed to only work of the pubic symphysis for now as he didnt want to competely incapacitate me while having Eds to look after but we’ll start on my back maybe next time. He was fabulous and said he’d do me first (there were loads of others there!) so I could get back to Eds and mum and then put me in a side room (all others just on ward!) so it was easier on me.

We then had the normal nightmare of trying to find a vein to put the canular in. Eventually in I was wheeled down to X-ray, given a mild seditive then he started injecting my pelvis. It was bloody painful even with the seditive but it was over really fast and then I was back on the ward, given food and got a cuddle from my baby.

Felt woozy all last night but its worn off now and I’ve very sore. DP has taken Eds out to give me a break but I’m confident that at last I’m on the homewood stretch.

This is how it works for anyone who’s interested:

The basic mechanism of Prolotherapy is simple. A substance is injected into the affected ligaments or tendons, which leads to local inflammation. The localized inflammation triggers a wound healing cascade, resulting in the deposition of new collagen, the material that ligaments and tendons are made of. New collagen shrinks as it matures. The shrinking collagen tightens the ligament that was injected and makes it stronger. Prolotherapy has the potential of being 100 percent effective at eliminating and chronic pain due to ligament and tendon weakness, but depends upon the technique of the individual Prolotherapist. The most important aspect is injecting enough of the solution into the injured and weakened area. If this is done, the likelihood of success is excellent.

Children’s accidents ‘a disgrace’

Sick child
Accidents are a leading cause of illness and death in children.
The government’s record on preventing accidental injuries to children is a “disgrace”, watchdogs have said.

Two million children a year visit A&E because they have been hurt in an accident, the Audit Commission said.

And not enough has been done to tackle the problem, which is thought to cost the NHS

DSP update – Pelvic Specialist


As most of you know, I have been suffering from DSP (the ‘big daddy’ of SPD) from 8wks into my second pregnancy (I had SPD with my first) and about six months after the birth I had the ‘plating’ operation.  The consultant did say that the procedure only carried a 50% success rate but being wheelchair bound at the time I saw it as a 50% chance of getting out of the blasted thing!!! Anyway, we had a certain degree of success in that I’m not so dependant on the w/chair (unless I’m going shopping etc) but I’m still in a tremendous amount of pain constantly and I have to rely on crutches all the time to get around (even in the house)…

Anyway, I’ve been passed from pillar to post so much it’s unbelievable, and I’ve had comments ranging from “it’s a swine of a condition to treat”, “you really need to learn to live with it” and “maybe it’s because you’re depressed that your mind is playing tricks on you and you only ‘think’ you’re in pain” – (the fact that it’s actually the pain/condition that has caused the depression seems to have been overlooked). 

Finally,  I saw someone (a pelvic specialist) who actually believes me and, more importantly, he’s willing to try and work out a way to improve my quality of life! wehey! 

It turns out that after taking loads of x-rays (at all sorts of really obscure angles) there are two of the four screws in the plate not working (one is hanging out and he’s not to sure what the other is doing: certainly not it’s job!).  Therefore, the plate itselff isn’t doing the job it was meant to… (the last consultant that I saw about 3mths ago said the plate was fine and it was doing it’s job – I disagreed and asked for this second opinion! thank god I did!). 

Anyway, the result is that I’ve now to go for a bone scan to check on any inflammation and to see if there is any corrosion/infection in the bone.  Once I’ve had the results from that, he’ll then decide which way to proceed.  He thinks at the moment, it definitely looks mechanical and I’ll need another operation to ‘double plate’ the front, and then screws inserted into the back (at the SI joints) to stabalize it completely.  The downside is that it might make my pelvis too rigid, so we’re going to sit down after the bone scan to discuss in detail the possible benefits/down sides so that I can make a fully informed choice.  Apparently this is ‘major’ surgery and I’m obviously not looking forward to it but the thought of maybe, just maybe getting my life back appeals so much that I’m willing to try anything!  What I don’t want to do though, is just jump right in there again.. after all, i’ve had the plating already and a hysterectomy to try and sort this and I feel as if my body is just falling apart (literally).  Should I just stop here?

Has anyone else out there had to go to this extreme? IIf so, I’d really love to hear from you..  ‘m just worried that I might end up making matters worse (although to be honest I’m in such a state mentally & physically I don’t really see how that could happen)..