Spot the ball and win Getsmile!!!!

Well here it is – your chance to win your very own copy of Getsmile!! You’ve all seen the fantastic smilies that we use on the forums and in chat, and now you can win the program that will give you over 1600 smilies, including 700 especially for MSN Messenger!!
All you have to do is………SPOT THE BALL!!!
Our lovely little Rugby smiley is running up the pitch. He passes the ref  and lines up at the goal. He shoots….. But where does the ball go?!?
Here is his goal. All you have to do is guess which square the ball would have appeared in and post your answer here! It could be anywhere… Did he score? Did he miss? At what point was the photo taken?!?
i.e. If you think the ball is in the bottom left hand corner, put M1. Clue – it isn’t that square!!!!
The rules:
  • One guess per member
  • Posts CANNOT be edited once you have posted your answer IF A POST IS EDITED – YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!
  • Please put your answer only in this thread and only post once. If you want to discuss the comp, please do so in the other thread about it – HERE
  • The person who guesses correctly will win Getsmile. In the event of no one guessing correctly, the closest guess will win.
  • In the event of 2 members guessing the same, the one who posted 1st will win.
  • Deadline for entering is 7.30pm on Wednesday 1st March 2006. The winner will be announced at 8.30pm on that day.
The winning square has been chosen and verified in advance between Dizie and Flipflop. Please see the Madmums Competitions Policy for further info (here)
So, get your pundit heads on and decide where you think the ball is! The prize really is fantastic, so get thinking!!! For more information about Getsmile, and to see some of the smilies you could win, click here to visit the Getsmile website 

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