Christmas and Family Safety


  • Tuck away trailing wires from party lights.
  • Choose decorations carefully – shiny glass baubles and sweets are tempting to toddlers who will want to pull at them.
  • Never leave the house with decorative lights on and always switch them off at night.
  • Don’t put cards on the mantelpiece above the fire or anywhere near a direct source of heat.
  • Hang paper chains or other decorations well away from lights or any other source of heat.
  • Be careful of trees with needles that drop. Your baby could easily pick these up and put them into her mouth.

Toys and presents

  • Always check the age recommended on the box. This is especially important for children under three years.
  • Don’t give younger children toys that are meant for older kids. Small toys or parts of toys could cause a baby or toddler to choke.
  • If your child is under three, clear small bits of packaging away when opening presents. Plastic bags can be a suffocation danger for babies and small children and wrapping paper and cellophane are easy to slip on.
  • Keep batteries out of children’s reach.

Eating and celebrating

  • Ask someone to entertain the children while you’re lifting hot things in and out of the oven, especially pans with hot fat in them.
  • Your toddler can easily pull a tablecloth from the table. Use mats instead.
  • Don’t leave bottles of alcohol or half-finished glasses within your child’s reach, especially if they’ve been mixed with sweet drinks like orange juice. As always, keep hot drinks well away from children.
  • Keep bowls of nuts (especially peanuts) out of children’s reach

Good advice?

The original source BBC Parenting

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